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Arnt Joar Arnoy has more than 25 years’ experience from the oil and gas industry. Holding positions as Workshop Mechanic, Service Technician offshore, Operation Engineer onshore. He is currently Operation Manager for OWS in Norway.
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Deepwater Completions using Sliding Spider

With large OD Completion assemblies and big, thick control lines going through the rotary, advanced completions often mean heavy, repetitive work and time consuming removal and replacing of the bushings. A sliding Spider will get your deepwater Completion to the bottom quickly and safely.

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Casing equipment load rating: Deeper wells challenges lifting capacity

Oil wells nowadays get longer because the equipment is so much better. Old wells are lengthened and new wells penetrate reservoirs as deep as 11000 meters. What are the consequences for the choice of casing handling tools?

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Topics: TRS

What is a BX elevator?

The BX elevator is a hydraulic, remotely operated elevator, with changeable bushings, to easily change the "dressing" of the elevator. Which makes it a lot more efficient rather than having to change the entire elevator.

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Efficient tubular running with automated slips lifter and safety clamp

Long sections of flush joint tubular require your crew to set slips and mount the safety clamp throughout the whole string. In completion, for example, when running a string of perforating guns, you might have as much as 300 - 400 connections including pulling. You could save a lot of backs while saving a lot of bucks, by letting the machines do the heavy work.

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Topics: Casing Running

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