The OWS drilling scraper has continued to seize pole position for almost a decade

Posted by Ian Low 17.11.2021

DrillRDillo™ Drilling Scraper - Integrity and efficiency combined

Posted by Ian Low 03.10.2021

OWS expands its Premium Threading portfolio in Eastern Europe

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 27.05.2021

Tripping out or cashing in?

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 06.12.2019

Record breaking template drilling on the TROLL-field

Posted by Trond Inge Mitchell 19.11.2019

Shifting the Focus to Advanced Casing/Liner Deployment Technologies

Posted by Derek Thomson 15.08.2019

The DrillRdillo™ eliminates a trip and saves client $100k

Posted by Ian Low 09.08.2019

The DrillRdillo casing scraper: The story so far [Infographic]

Posted by Ian Low 07.08.2019

The heaviest casing string ever run in Romania

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 17.07.2018

Speciality tools: Do you know what to ask for?

Posted by Alexandru Pusca 07.05.2018

Tubular handling with care: Running any production riser with standard equipment

Posted by Arnt Joar Arnøy 10.10.2017

Top Hole Drilling on the Maria Field: A three-party success

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 06.09.2017

Onshore monitoring - keeping high-quality TRS while reducing operators offshore

Posted by Radoslaw Moskal 11.05.2017

Deepwater Completions using Sliding Spider

Posted by Arnt Joar Arnøy 10.03.2017

Drilling fluid properties and design

Posted by Øyvind Borgen 12.01.2017

The Well Blog's top 10 blog posts of 2016

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 22.12.2016

Implementing global standards for casing, wbcu and rental

Posted by Sonia Anderson 13.10.2016

Casing equipment load rating: Deeper wells challenges lifting capacity

Posted by Arnt Joar Arnøy 29.09.2016

How to tell which connection is causing a casing leak

Posted by Eirik Egeskog 15.09.2016

Training new TRS technicians: The days of yelling and patronising are over

Posted by Svein Krosli 01.09.2016

Consider the Crushing Factor when Setting Casing Slips

Posted by Jan Willem Gundersen 19.08.2016

Unbreakable connection? Here's your quickest fix

Posted by Øyvind Borgen 04.08.2016

Confessions of a veteran: Why I would have used the CRT

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 21.07.2016

Protecting your tubular equipment is still important

Posted by Petter Søyland 12.07.2016

How top hole drilling can put you ahead of project plan

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 23.06.2016

Is equipment inspection & maintenance on the drilling rig profitable?

Posted by Øyvind Østensen 09.06.2016

How CRTi and Ream Shoe can Reduce Casing Running Time and Costs

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 26.05.2016

WBCU: Optimizing displacement while protecting completion equipment

Posted by Stephen Mair 12.05.2016

Identifying Casing / Tubing is imperative to safe casing running

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 28.04.2016

Can Robotics on Rig Floor Make a Difference in Drilling Performance?

Posted by Per Lund 14.04.2016

How to reduce offshore risk during tubular running services

Posted by Stine Bøen 07.04.2016

Years of experience says nothing about your offshore competence

Posted by Svein Krosli 30.03.2016

Increase casing filling speed with autofill equipment

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 23.03.2016

How to calculate the capacity of a Fill-up & Circulation Tool?

Posted by Robert Koendering 17.03.2016

Getting the most out of Fill-Up & Circulation Tools

Posted by Robert Koendering 15.03.2016

The birth of a drilling scraper: Technology boosts WBCU efficiency

Posted by The Well Blog 08.03.2016

Efficient drill floor handling with Flush Mounted Spider

Posted by Robert Koendering 04.03.2016

Can a competent drilling crew also be used to run casing?

Posted by Hilde Gabrielsen 01.03.2016

TFA challenges in top hole drilling

Posted by Trond Inge Mitchell 25.02.2016

The intelligent drill floor robots are coming to your drilling rig

Posted by Per Lund 19.02.2016

What is a BX elevator?

Posted by Arnt Joar Arnøy 11.02.2016

Lean in Well Services offshore and onshore

Posted by Sonia Anderson 04.02.2016

How to drill a 40” conductor string using a crt tool?

Posted by Leo Schneider 28.01.2016

How offshore experience prevents us from making the same mistake twice

Posted by Stine Bøen 21.01.2016

Rig Supervisor: How do you know your Tubular Running Services crew is competent?

Posted by Hilde Gabrielsen 19.01.2016

The value of 4 decades of offshore experience

Posted by Sonia Anderson 12.01.2016

Classification versus strength of drill pipe

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 06.01.2016

The Well Blog's top 10 blog posts of 2015

Posted by Per Lund 27.12.2015

Casing Hanger Make Up with CRT

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 23.12.2015

Well control: It's all about knowing who your friends are

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 17.12.2015

A brief overview of drilling equipment standards

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 15.12.2015

Tonne vs ton when specifying handling equipment capacities & weights

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 11.12.2015

Efficient tubular running with automated slips lifter and safety clamp

Posted by Arnt Joar Arnøy 03.12.2015

Understanding the inspection process for drilling tubulars

Posted by Alexandru Pusca 01.12.2015

How kelly-valves (drill stem valves) are maintained and serviced

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 25.11.2015

Drilling jar placement: How to get it right!

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 19.11.2015

The “anatomy” of casing drilling bits (L2)

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 17.11.2015

Improved casing running starts with proper training of the casing crew

Posted by Svein Krosli 11.11.2015

What is Template Drilling?

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 05.11.2015

The correct use of safety clamps

Posted by Robert Koendering 03.11.2015

The NORSOK R-002 standard? Sorry, what was that again?

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 28.10.2015

How to drill a vertical top hole

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 22.10.2015

3 ways of getting out of trouble with a top drive casing running tool

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 20.10.2015

Casing While Drilling (Level 2) in Romania. Experiences so far

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 13.10.2015

The benefits of wellbore clean-up and displacement experience

Posted by Stephen Mair 08.10.2015

The evolution of the casing scraper

Posted by Simon Leiper 06.10.2015

Drilling thread types for dummies

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 30.09.2015

How radio operated slips lifters may reduce costs

Posted by Robert Koendering 24.09.2015

Radio operated equipment reduces risk in casing operations

Posted by Robert Koendering 22.09.2015

How to avoid overtorque of drill pipe

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 16.09.2015

Correct interpretation of tubing/casing make up graphs  

Posted by Svein Krosli 10.09.2015

Hole openers: When your black gold is between a rock and a hard place

Posted by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell 08.09.2015

The 3 Rs of Wellbore Clean-Up

Posted by Simon Leiper 02.09.2015

Running casing in stands on a dual derrick rig

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 27.08.2015

Planning your Displacement & WellBore CleanUp

Posted by Stephen Mair 25.08.2015

The benefits of reduced service connections

Posted by Simon Leiper 19.08.2015

The use and misconceptions of slips in casing operations

Posted by Robert Koendering 13.08.2015

The benefits of modified slip and elevator recesses

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 11.08.2015

How to manage risks and hazards in casing operations?

Posted by Alexander Ott 05.08.2015

Your drilling jar is your insurance policy

Posted by Detlef Proschold 30.07.2015

Why improved casing running requires an experienced casing crew

Posted by Svein Krosli 28.07.2015

How a circulation tool can boost annular velocity

Posted by Stephen Mair 22.07.2015

The difference between standard and high torque connections

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 16.07.2015

What is Casing Drilling (Casing while drilling, CwD)?

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 14.07.2015

Debris extraction technology can validate well cleanness

Posted by Stephen Mair 08.07.2015

How to minimize drill string wear & tear

Posted by Detlef Proschold 02.07.2015

How to improve casing running efficiency?

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 30.06.2015

The importance of Magnets in a Wellbore Cleanup String

Posted by Simon Leiper 24.06.2015

Why hardbanding of joints can help prolong drillstring life

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 18.06.2015

Casing Make-Up Torque and Turn

Posted by Robert Koendering 16.06.2015

A novel approach to casing preparation after drilling

Posted by Stephen Mair 10.06.2015

What is drill pipe buckling and how to prevent it from happening

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 04.06.2015

Should the rig own or rent the Casing/Power Tongs?

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 02.06.2015

Inflow (Negative) Testing – Why & how?

Posted by Stephen Mair 27.05.2015

How to choose the right drill pipe

Posted by Detlef Proschold 21.05.2015

4 ways to avoid having people in red zone

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 19.05.2015

How to do BOP and marine riser clean up in fewest possible runs

Posted by Simon Leiper 13.05.2015

Keen on getting stuck pipe? Try these 5 tricks

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 07.05.2015

Do you expect to reach casing TD at first attempt?

Posted by Alexandru Gomoescu 05.05.2015

The importance of cleaning your BOP

Posted by Stephen Mair 29.04.2015

Should we own or should we rent drilling equipment?

Posted by Frode Bjørheim 23.04.2015

3 Reasons to subscribe to The Well Blog

Posted by Hans Petter Moen 17.04.2015

Top Drive Casing Running - Why would you look for anything else?

Posted by Cato Gjesdal 16.04.2015

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