Derek Thomson

Derek has over 23 years experience, starting his oilfield career in the North Sea before joining Tesco’s casing drilling department in 2007. He joined Weatherford in 2014 as their Regional Casing While Drilling Manager for the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. Derek has vast experience with all aspects of Casing Drilling, including level 2 non-retrievable, level 3 retrievable, and directional liner drilling. In his 11 years working as a Casing Driller, he’s supervised 4 world-record casing drilling jobs and managed the world first directional liner drilling operation.
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Shifting the Focus to Advanced Casing/Liner Deployment Technologies

In the current climate of lower oil prices, getting to total depth cheaper and faster is paramount. Companies are pushing the limits utilizing the latest drilling tools that drill faster; provide instantaneous corrections when steering; have more accurate logging; and overcome what was previously considered “un-drillable” wells.

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